In Barcelona, the Nit de Sant Joan celebrates the summer solstice, the shortest night of the year. The holiday is officially June 24th but the party starts the night of the 23rd! Often described as ‘Nit del Foc’ (Night of Fire), people all over the city celebrate with fireworks, bonfires and a lot of cava. Though the beach is the most popular destination on this night, there are plenty of places to celebrate! We’ve collected our favorite photos from Sant Joan in past years. For locations of different bonfires for Sant Joan 2016, check out this list!


Barceloneta offers great views of the fireworks and a fun party atmosphere, with all of the clubs on the boardwalk hosting celebrations for the event. Tourists and locals alike people flock to the the beach in the early evening to reserve their spot on the sand.

Photo courtesy of LinguaBarcelona
Photo courtesy of Històries d’Europa
Photo courtesy of Jason


The Canigó Flame is a tradition of the holiday is carried throughout the city ending in Plaça de Sant Jaume.

Photo courtesy of TimeOut


The Canigó Flame is carried throughout the barrios in Barcelona. One great place to celebrate is Grácia! Between Plaça del Sol and Plaça del Nord, you are bound to have a fun night.

Photo courtesy of El Digital


After the arrival of the flame in Eixample you will find many festivities and bonfires happening.

Photo courtesy of Ajuntament de Barcelona


Montjic offers great panoramic views of the city and fireworks. It allows you to distance yourself from the crowds a little bit.

Photo courtesy of BAC Barcelona Architecture Center
***Bonus: If you’re looking to get a little bit outside the city, Menorca celebrates Sant Joan with traditions including parades on horseback.
Photo courtesy of MenorcaDiferente
Photo courtesy of MenorcaDiferente
Featured photo courtesy of Spain for Real

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