1. Plan your trip beforehand

The tripUniq traveler is smart (at least he thinks so). He does his research beforehand so he doesn’t have to sit in his hostel for hours trying to figure out what to do. He plans out his trip with tripUniq (at least we hope so 😜 ) and makes sure to download the trip for offline use. He tries to follow his tripUniq route but knows that sometimes getting lost in a new city is the best way to explore.

Photo courtesy of Milos

2. Make an effort to meet locals

Instead of Googling directions, the tripUniq traveler will ask a local; until she realizes that she can’t even remember what street her hostel is on. She is eager for travel advice from people who have lived in a city their whole lives. And who knows, maybe talking with that handsome Italian man could lead to a free dinner 😉.

 3.Try to learn the language

You told yourself you’d learn Italian before your trip to Rome months ago, but now here you are sitting on your plane flipping through your Italian to English dictionary trying to soak in as much as possible in the 8 hour flight. Don’t stress! If the only Italian words you know are “Ciao”, “grazie”, “Pasta, per favore” you can probably carbo-load your way through the Rome for a little while. Don’t worry about pronunciation, sometimes that is part of the fun. If you can make it through the word “entschuldigung” without choking yourself you’ve been pretty successful.

4. Don’t carry a paper map

The tripUniq traveler never carries a paper map, which he regrets the moment his phone runs out of battery. But he knows that unfolding a map at a crowded intersection will draw unwanted attention.

5. Try local food

We’re not asking you to try escargot (but you should, they’re delicious) or finish off a plate of haggis, but there’s always something you can try before running to the first McDonald’s you see. Our local experts can recommend restaurants and dishes to try but sometimes you can choose what you want by looking at what the people at the neighboring table ordered. But be careful, some people could lose their appetite if your nose comes too close to their food.

6. Avoid pickpockets

Our traveler never leaves her bag unattended while snapping pictures at Park Güell and makes sure not to leave her wallet on the table while working her way through a table full of tapas. She knows that being the drunk foreigner on the metro will make her a target for thieves, but sometimes you have to make sacrifices to finish that last glass of sangria.

Photo courtesy of Ana
Photo courtesy of Ana

7. Use public transportation

Our traveler knows that even though he claims to be an avid runner, walking around a new city is the most exercise he’s gotten in months. Sometimes you have to trade in those sneakers for a metro pass.

8. Shop at local stores

Natalie recommendation

The tripUniq traveler knows not to shop at stores that all sell the same overpriced Eiffel tower paperweight. She knows that the best souvenirs are the delicious tapas, pastries, gelato, cheeses and wines that she consumed during her trip. These definitely won’t be lost with your luggage or your waistline (trying every flavor of gelato is totally worth it though😋).

9. Take your time

Don’t be that tourist who tries to visit every monument in the city in one weekend. The tripUniq traveler knows the value of scheduling time for drinks and relaxation (sometimes a little too much).

GIf Take your Time

He always gives himself at least a week to visit a new city so this way he can see all the highlights and still find time to relax.

10. Be a chameleon


Our traveler can be:

  • The brave solo traveler, walking miles and miles to discover the best kept secrets

  • Mr. Right, surprising his girlfriend with dinner on the most romantic terraces

  • The party animal, leading his travel mates to the best bars, pubs and clubs

  • The cool dad, bringing the kids to amazing parks and awesome museums

So how do our travelers do it all you ask?

Maybe with a little help from some friendly local heroes 😉

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