Big news for tripUniq this week 🙂

tripUniq opens the World

Wherever you’re travelling, tripUniq Local Heroes can plan your stay.

sorprice tripUniq worldwide


During the last few months we have been receiving many requests to open new destinations that we didn’t have yet. At the beginning we perceived it as good news: it meant people liked our idea. But after receiving a high amount of these requests, we started to think we were, in fact, disappointing our customers. One of our company’s main value is “Listen carefully to everybody” and we decided we had to improve our service to solve our customer needs.

How is possible?

“Do you have Local Heroes everywhere? Is it possible?” is the question we get asked frequently. Of course, not. However, we already have Local Heroes in more than 30 destinations and we’ve now we know exactly how much time is needed to find Local Heroes in one destination. From today, if you select a destination where we don’t have any Local Hero, we will immediately start to look for one that fits with your interests (Yes, we’re going to have a lot of work).


Our team anticipating what’s coming

How long does it take?

Due to the current amount of requests, we can’t guarantee less than 15 days for destinations where we have few or no Local Heroes. We know it’s a lot of time but we want to be sure we deliver a great service.  So, if you can, please, order in advance. Nevertheless, if you’re traveling in less than 15 days, contact us and we’ll respond to youif we’re able to deliver sooner. ( We will try our best).

Do you still have doubts?

And last but no least: We’ve decided to apply a 100% Money back satisfaction guarantee.

That’s all! Enjoy your next tripUniq!



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