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The Search for Local Heroes

At tripUniq, we have already created a network of Local Heroes around the world. However, as we grow we are in need of Heroes in more cities. We found that the best (and most exciting) way to do this was for one of us to travel around the world in search of locals who know their cities inside and out. 

The requirements of the job:

  • Spend one year traveling around the world 🌍

  • Visit all of the cities we have Local Heroes in

  • Make sure our Heroes are delivering great plans

This is no easy task, and it requires a highly responsible individual to carry out 😉 and it needed to be done by one of the founders. Of course the 3 of us…

pick me

But how would we decide which one of the 3 founders gets to travel the world while the rest have to go to work? We thought long about how we would choose who goes. In the end we couldn’t think about anything else but to draw straws. 

And the happy Travel Founder was…..



Travel Founder

Guess who is Álvaro

We’re not jealous, Álvaro is going to be doing a lot of hard work as he journeys to new countries in search of Local Heroes. In the meanwhile, we can travel from the office too…

Founder at work

Make sure to check back and follow Álvaro’s adventures in this blog over the course of the year. 


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