Here are some of our pros and cons of traveling to Rio de Janeiro for the event:

The Pros

  • Watching the competition– Sure you could watch it on TV at home, but actually being in crowds will be much more exhilarating.

  • The atmosphere in the stadium– Think back to the excitement of watching your country win a medal on TV. Now imagine how great it must feel to actually be there.

  • People from all over the world are coming together– Rio is going to transform into a cultural melting pot for the weeks of the games, with fans and athletes from around the world converging to the city

  • Potential to cross paths with top athletes– who knows, you could end up sitting next to your favorite athlete on the metro ride to the stadium

  • Parties are going to be huge


The Cons

  • The Zika Virus– Probably the biggest reason not to attend this year’s Olympics is the fear of the Zika Virus in Brazil.

  • The city will be crowded

  • All of the attractions will have lines of tourists– Even if you decide to take a break from the Olympic action, you are likely to find long queues for all of the major attractions

  • It will be hard to find a taxi

  • There will be more tourist scams than before– More people means more opportunities for pickpocketing and scams.

  • The prices will be crazy in tourist and Olympic areas

If you are planning on traveling to Rio de Janeiro to get a front-seat view of the action, you are going to need a local hero now more then ever! You’ll need someone to help you break through the crowds of tourists and uncover the secrets of the city. They’ll show you the best restaurants, the parties and places to meet locals. Start planning your trip now!!

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