We would like to introduce everyone to the newest addition to the tripUniq team!

Tripi just accepted his position as tripUniq’s official mascot and Local Hero liaison! He will be traveling the world with Álvaro (and his travel mate Guillem) and making sure he gets all his work done😄. Keep up with our blog this year to see where this adventure takes our dynamic duo 👯.

Tripi is going to protect Álvaro throughout his travels

Álvaro and Tripi have already started their trip. We will keep you updated with their adventures in future posts. However, we can anticipate that they’re already exploring their first destination: USA!!

Tripi and Álvaro at JFK
Álvaro, Guillem & Tripi arriving at NY 

(FYI: Despite of what Tripi’s name may suggest, this post was not written under the influence of any psychedelic drugs :P)

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