That was exactly the question we had about what we should we talk about in our first blog post. Well, we will simply explain why we ended up launching tripUniq (sorry, nothing better came up…).

The need

Everything started when Charly came back from a CityBreak to Prague. “-I was a bit disappointed with my trip and angry with myself because I hadn’t prepared or done enough research before leaving. As Prague is very touristic, I had a hard time trying to find local restaurants and bar. I spent too much time in bars looking for what to do on the internet (my girlfriend wasn’t happy about that :P) and came back feeling that I only checked off the typical list of “Prague postcard highlights.-”

After explaining this to Edu and Alvaro, we all agreed that this problem wasn’t well resolved nowadays: When you leave for a short CityBreak, you usually don’t have time to prepare your trip or even if you do so you don’t want to spend a ridiculous amount of hours surfing the net trying to plan a short 3-day trip.

The idea

Then, tripUniq came up: When you travel, you want to discover/see/experience “the new”; however “the new” is also the source of all the difficulties experienced by travelers when planning or enjoying a trip. If we don’t know much about a destination, it isn’t logical to plan a trip to this destination by ourselves. Isn’t it easier when we visit a friend? Even if he works, the night before he draws a great plan on a map giving you exact addresses of the places you’re looking for and amazing local tips (And it takes him 15 minutes !).

And that’s how tripUniq’s idea came :

While planning a trip is long and difficult for a traveler, it can be done much faster and better by a local expert.

Don’t worry, we’ll avoid you the details of what happened from that moment until today. However this year (in fact more :P) has convinced us of that:

  1. The trip planning need is experienced by a huge amount of travelers
  2. The more we travel, the more demanding we become, the more we need local advice.
  3. We need and want advice but don’t necessarily want to have a guide with us.
  4. Traveling is emotional: Big data and Algorithms can’t create custom reliable trips, at least not yet.

Nothing else! Don’t hesitate to tell us where you want to go or where you consider yourself an expert. We open destinations depending on what you request. 🙂


Álvaro, Edu and Charly


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