5 Things to Consider Before Booking Your Trip With tripUniq

Sometimes the anticipation of going on an great vacation can get in the way of actually planning your trip. Luckily tripUniq can help you plan your next trip! You just need to consider the following 5 things:

1. Your travel dates

Be aware of when you are traveling and be sure to request your trip in time! Many local heroes require at least a day or two to make sure your custom itinerary is perfect. By knowing your travel dates, your local hero can also find special events going on at that time or seasonal activities and food; like cheering on riders in the Tour de France in July or seeing the flowers in Keukenhof in Amsterdam in the Spring.

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2. Your interests

 Are you planning on filling your days with monuments and museums or would you rather experience a city’s culture through it’s food and wine (or both, life’s all about balance)? Pick at least three interests and we will match you with one of our local heroes.

3. Who you are traveling with

Are you bringing the kids? Or are you planning a girls weekend? The people you travel with can totally change your experience.

4. Your familiarity with the city

Be honest. Are you going to Florence mainly for the pasta and gelato or have you been researching the city’s history for weeks? The less know about the city, the more detailed your plans will have to be.

5. Don’t hesitate to tell your Local Hero anything

Our local heroes are full of surprises, so don’t hesitate to tell them anything. Are you on a mission to taste the best macarons? Well your Paris local hero might know the perfect spot!

If you already know all your info, don’t wait! You’re ready to book your tripUniq.

tripUniq Founder Travels the World!

Exciting things are happening here at tripUniq!

The Search for Local Heroes

At tripUniq, we have already created a network of Local Heroes around the world. However, as we grow we are in need of Heroes in more cities. We found that the best (and most exciting) way to do this was for one of us to travel around the world in search of locals who know their cities inside and out. 

The requirements of the job:

  • Spend one year traveling around the world 🌍

  • Visit all of the cities we have Local Heroes in

  • Make sure our Heroes are delivering great plans

This is no easy task, and it requires a highly responsible individual to carry out 😉 and it needed to be done by one of the founders. Of course the 3 of us…

pick me

But how would we decide which one of the 3 founders gets to travel the world while the rest have to go to work? We thought long about how we would choose who goes. In the end we couldn’t think about anything else but to draw straws. 

And the happy Travel Founder was…..



Travel Founder

Guess who is Álvaro

We’re not jealous, Álvaro is going to be doing a lot of hard work as he journeys to new countries in search of Local Heroes. In the meanwhile, we can travel from the office too…

Founder at work

Make sure to check back and follow Álvaro’s adventures in this blog over the course of the year. 


tripUniq | June Vueling App

We’ve always liked Ling, the Vueling Magazine. But this month, after seeing which app they’re recommending, we like them even more 😉
Here you have the article:

Siempre nos ha gustado Ling, la revista de Vueling. Pero este mes, viendo qué App recomiendan, nos gusta aún más 😉
Les dejamos la nota completa aquí:


tripUniq is available worldwide!

Big news for tripUniq this week 🙂

tripUniq opens the World

Wherever you’re travelling, tripUniq Local Heroes can plan your stay.

sorprice tripUniq worldwide


During the last few months we have been receiving many requests to open new destinations that we didn’t have yet. At the beginning we perceived it as good news: it meant people liked our idea. But after receiving a high amount of these requests, we started to think we were, in fact, disappointing our customers. One of our company’s main value is “Listen carefully to everybody” and we decided we had to improve our service to solve our customer needs.

How is possible?

“Do you have Local Heroes everywhere? Is it possible?” is the question we get asked frequently. Of course, not. However, we already have Local Heroes in more than 30 destinations and we’ve now we know exactly how much time is needed to find Local Heroes in one destination. From today, if you select a destination where we don’t have any Local Hero, we will immediately start to look for one that fits with your interests (Yes, we’re going to have a lot of work).


Our team anticipating what’s coming

How long does it take?

Due to the current amount of requests, we can’t guarantee less than 15 days for destinations where we have few or no Local Heroes. We know it’s a lot of time but we want to be sure we deliver a great service.  So, if you can, please, order in advance. Nevertheless, if you’re traveling in less than 15 days, contact us and we’ll respond to youif we’re able to deliver sooner. ( We will try our best).

Do you still have doubts?

And last but no least: We’ve decided to apply a 100% Money back satisfaction guarantee.

That’s all! Enjoy your next tripUniq!




That was exactly the question we had about what we should we talk about in our first blog post. Well, we will simply explain why we ended up launching tripUniq (sorry, nothing better came up…).

The need

Everything started when Charly came back from a CityBreak to Prague. “-I was a bit disappointed with my trip and angry with myself because I hadn’t prepared or done enough research before leaving. As Prague is very touristic, I had a hard time trying to find local restaurants and bar. I spent too much time in bars looking for what to do on the internet (my girlfriend wasn’t happy about that :P) and came back feeling that I only checked off the typical list of “Prague postcard highlights.-”

After explaining this to Edu and Alvaro, we all agreed that this problem wasn’t well resolved nowadays: When you leave for a short CityBreak, you usually don’t have time to prepare your trip or even if you do so you don’t want to spend a ridiculous amount of hours surfing the net trying to plan a short 3-day trip.

The idea

Then, tripUniq came up: When you travel, you want to discover/see/experience “the new”; however “the new” is also the source of all the difficulties experienced by travelers when planning or enjoying a trip. If we don’t know much about a destination, it isn’t logical to plan a trip to this destination by ourselves. Isn’t it easier when we visit a friend? Even if he works, the night before he draws a great plan on a map giving you exact addresses of the places you’re looking for and amazing local tips (And it takes him 15 minutes !).

And that’s how tripUniq’s idea came :

While planning a trip is long and difficult for a traveler, it can be done much faster and better by a local expert.

Don’t worry, we’ll avoid you the details of what happened from that moment until today. However this year (in fact more :P) has convinced us of that:

  1. The trip planning need is experienced by a huge amount of travelers
  2. The more we travel, the more demanding we become, the more we need local advice.
  3. We need and want advice but don’t necessarily want to have a guide with us.
  4. Traveling is emotional: Big data and Algorithms can’t create custom reliable trips, at least not yet.

Nothing else! Don’t hesitate to tell us where you want to go or where you consider yourself an expert. We open destinations depending on what you request. 🙂


Álvaro, Edu and Charly