Meet Ana! A photographer in Rio de Janeiro whose beautiful photos leave us with the urge to book a flight to the city right now! Ana fell in love with the Rio de Janeiro’s incredible beaches, forests and waterfalls back in 2007 when she was hired by Time Out to photograph the city. 9 years later, she spends her time as a travel writer and photographer. She runs a blog for the newspaper La Nacion called Me Río de Janeiro. Though she has been living in the city for 9 years, Rio de Janeiro is still full of surprises:

“At 35 I learned to play ball. There is a carioca sport called Altinha, and it consists of wheel passes without the ball falling. At first it was a disaster, but a year later I dominated and played hours and hours at sea. It is not only a good sport for modeling the body but I also met a lot of people. Quite an achievement that made me very happy.”

Pato playa

How to travel like a local:

The one thing you can’t miss if you visit the city is a sunset in Ipanema. Looking for a birds eye view of the city? Be sure to visit the Pão de Açúcar, the top of the Morro Dois Irmãos, or the Pedra da Gávea. If you’re thirsty after all your exploring, treat yourself to some frozen açaí, made from the nutritious purple berry. Ana says that true açaí, which she drinks at least twice a week😋, comes from Belém do Pará.

Rio de Janeiro

For dinner, Ana recommends the lamb with broccoli at Nova Capela and a chopp (a Brazilian style beer) at Bar Luiz in Rua de Carioca. On Tuesdays, Canasta, a wine bar in Ipanema, offers great oysters to share with friends (Maybe before catching some live music at the Circo Voador!).

Sunset in Ipanema

Learn more about Ana and Rio de Janeiro on her blog and follow her on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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