Sometimes the anticipation of going on an great vacation can get in the way of actually planning your trip. Luckily tripUniq can help you plan your next trip! You just need to consider the following 5 things:

1. Your travel dates

Be aware of when you are traveling and be sure to request your trip in time! Many local heroes require at least a day or two to make sure your custom itinerary is perfect. By knowing your travel dates, your local hero can also find special events going on at that time or seasonal activities and food; like cheering on riders in the Tour de France in July or seeing the flowers in Keukenhof in Amsterdam in the Spring.

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2. Your interests

 Are you planning on filling your days with monuments and museums or would you rather experience a city’s culture through it’s food and wine (or both, life’s all about balance)? Pick at least three interests and we will match you with one of our local heroes.

3. Who you are traveling with

Are you bringing the kids? Or are you planning a girls weekend? The people you travel with can totally change your experience.

4. Your familiarity with the city

Be honest. Are you going to Florence mainly for the pasta and gelato or have you been researching the city’s history for weeks? The less know about the city, the more detailed your plans will have to be.

5. Don’t hesitate to tell your Local Hero anything

Our local heroes are full of surprises, so don’t hesitate to tell them anything. Are you on a mission to taste the best macarons? Well your Paris local hero might know the perfect spot!

If you already know all your info, don’t wait! You’re ready to book your tripUniq.

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